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Introducing the RSBA Events Coordinator

George Willis,  Owner of Papa George's Chicago Style Hot Dogs 

 Responsible for:
 * Ribbon cutting ceremonies
 * Grand openings
 * Anniversary events
 * Any special event you'd like to advertise on the    RSBA website 
 * Any info you'd like emailed to RSBA members
 * ...or if you'd like to have your business featured    on the RSBA Blog!

    Reach George at :    papageorgehotdogs@yahoo.com or 708-528-0590

Cheryl Love, Owner of Imagine Fit~Healthy Mind Body and Soul
is the  membership chairperson  for the RSBA

She is responsible for:

1) Initial contact with new members.
2) Leads a team of members that are responsible for recruiting new members. 
3) Maintains the member roster at the web site. 
4) Member renewal processing. 

Please contact her at imaginefit4life@gmail.com  ( or 270-300-1816)  to get on the schedule and  find out more about how this can help grow your business.

The Radcliff Small Business Alliance, LLC.

The Radcliff Small Business Alliance is composed primarily of Radcliff’s locally owned independent businesses. RSBA aims to help member businesses compete effectively against chain competitors, maintain a diversity of choice, and to help stop the trend of losing community-based businesses.

RSBA was created to raise public awareness:

·         of the superior overall values offered by our local businesses,

·         the impact on our community of our daily spending decisions, and

·         to nurture and enhance Radcliff’s proud and passionate community of local businesses.

RSBA  employs a model already proven effective in cities across the Nation and has affiliated with the American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) as part of a rapidly growing network to support independent businesses at the community level. 

”Radcliff’s vibrant independent businesses meet unique needs, create and define our community’s culture, and provide stability, accountability, and direct local investment,” President Pam Ogden is quoted as saying. He went on to say “[that] Radcliff is one of the most diverse communities in Kentucky with a unique blend of many cultures.

 People that made Radcliff their home are often affiliated with military service and have a much more diverse background than found in many other small cities.”

Local businesses typically generate more than three (3) times the local economic activity of remote controlled national chains, thanks to independents spending more money in the local area, including using more local goods and services such as banking, printing, advertising, legal services, furnishings and more.  Through this “multiplier effect,” the added taxes collected from local expenditures provide critical support for our schools, parks, law enforcement and more.

”National chains have a place in a community the size of Radcliff, but we can’t afford to lose the real engine of job growth and economic prosperity- the people who own and help run community based businesses” founding member John Flanagan noted.

The Radcliff Small Business Alliance invites all of Radcliff small business owners to join with them.

Upcoming events

01 Jan 2015 • 1807 Preston Street Radcliff, KY
31 Jan 2015 9:00 AM • Colvin Community Center
01 Aug 2015 10:00 AM • Wilson Road, Radcliff, KY 40160
Radcliff Small Business Alliance, Inc. PO Box 1284 Radcliff KY., 40159 270-319-3212

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