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Grand Opening - J.W. Stokes Art Inspiraton

  • 24 Oct 2014
  • 9:45 AM - 10:15 AM
  • Colvin Community Center in the VENDOR VILLAGE

Please join us in welcoming

 J. W. Stokes Art Inspiration!


WHEN:  October 24th

WHERE:  Colvin Community Center in the Vendor Village

TIME:  950AM ( just before kick off begins)

Let’s rally together and smile for the camera!

J.W.Stokes Art Inspiration Mission Statement:

I paint and create because I have to. I have been given a talent by my Creator. I am to reach people from all walks of life. Confirm that I have felt their pain. Confirm that I have felt their joy. With my art, I want to raise funds for charitable giving. Through my art and charity, I am reaching for the betterment of myself in an effort to become one of the most influential followers of Christundefinedsharing, love, peace, and comfort to the broken.

When I’m painting I have to be consistent and take great careundefineddepending, especially on the medium, acrylic dries fast and oil can take months to dry. Before I even touch a brush to paint I pray. Every painting I do, I do because it is not in vain. I seek to paint without offense and to reverence God. This is how I gracefully get through each painting, because I believe at the end of it all it is on purpose. Meditation is a huge part of every design, colors come flooding in like a kaleidoscope and I go crazy. It’s all about connecting with the inner vision.

Because I want to inspire I tie my pieces into their titles, to encourage and minister to people in their depths. Before, during, and after I am caring for my four children and supported by my wonderful husband.

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