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Thanks for your interest in The Radcliff Small Business Alliance., Inc., serving Radcliff and Vine Grove Kentucky

If you still have questions please contact Matthew Smith or Terry Shortt.

Frequently Asked Questions


Question:  Briefly explain what the Radcliff Small Business Alliance is all about.

  • Reply:  Perhaps the best answer is to review the Founding Principles and Focus of the  RSBA.

Founding Principles of the RSBA:

  • RSBA Only does things that positively affects members’ bottom line.
  • RSBA Welcomes ALL legal small businesses in Radcliff and Vine Grove.
  • RSBA Is inclusive of all small businesses including Brick & Mortar, Internet, and Home Businesses
  • RSBA Is an individual personal membership open to Radcliff Business owners of Radcliff /Vine Grove businesses, and interested citizens.

Basic Focus of the RSBA Group:

  • To provide a single voice for the Radcliff and Vine Grove Business Community
  • The membership is for individuals and exclusive to business owners and community supporters
  • To address issues affecting businesses in Radcliff and Vine Grove
  • The membership is open to all legal small businesses.
  • The meetings are for individual networking; not outside promotion, or charitable fund raising.
  • The alliance is apolitical and only advocates for local business issues.


Question:  I belong to several civic organizations should they join the Alliance.

  • Reply:  The Alliance is for individual members who own small businesses in Radcliff and Vine Grove. A number of leaders of non-profits who share some of the same interests as the small business owner have joined in the name of their non-profit. (Churches, Fraternal Organizations, etc.) For these members building personal relationships with others is a benefit, as they strive to improve the community.
  • While the Alliance encourages members to be sensitive to the charitable needs of the community, the Alliance is not a path to members’ bank accounts, nor will meetings be used to recruit sponsors or donors for non-RSBA activities. RSBA allows for posting of these types of pleadings in a reasonable number. (One or two announcements per event.)

 Question:  Why should I join the RSBA?

  • Reply:  Here’s why you should join:
  • RSBA represents your interests promoting where you live and where you do business
  • Its members are residents and business owners who have a real interest and stake  in Radcliff and Vine Grove
  • To participate in innovative, cooperative, marketing and social media activities
  • Small businesses have a strong, majority and equal voice in this organization
  • It's the very best, most inclusive group of Radcliff and Vine Grove business people for networking and mutual support

Question:  Why did RSBA open its membership to small businesses throughout the Region?

The Radcliff Small Business Alliance Directors conducted a detail review of its operations and history and found that RSBA has done a good job in promoting our small business community and RSBA has become the voice of the local small business community to local media outlets on stories related to Radcliff and Vine Grove, as well as become the voice of northern Hardin County’s small business community on matters of the regional interest.

Examples include: US Army Listening Session; RSBA leadership against governmental plans to install New Jersey barriers along the length of 31W through Radcliff severely restricting convenient access to businesses along 31W; property tax increase for schools beyond the compensating rate; against the creation of a non-elected taxing authority for the library; against the access restriction to the Patton Museum, and Wilson Road Gate.

Most recently RSBA appealed to the Chief Justice of the Kentucky Supreme Court and head of the Administrator of Courts with regard to the possible closure of the Circuit Court satellite office in Radcliff and the adverse impact on small business owners and all residents in the northern region.

In recognition of these findings, the Board examined how RSBA can be more inclusive of small businesses within the region without fundamentally changing the current organization.

It was determined that RSBA could allow expansion of the small business membership for small businesses within the entire region with little effort. Rules have be adjusted to delete the restriction limiting membership to small businesses located within the boundaries of Radcliff and Vine Grove. Annual membership dues remain the same, though services may be changed for those outside the immediate area. For example, in lieu of on-site events a virtual event using social media may be held.


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